Time-out in April (+spreads)
After a couple of difficult weeks (personally) I am finally getting back on my feet, a little. I'll be honest ...
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Hello and welcome!
Hi! Welcome to my brand new website CreAyana.nl! You may have seen my WordPress.com-hosted website so you're familiar ...
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Weekly voor April
Weekly Spread for week 17; goals, planning and studying.
I think this is my favorite spread I've done in my bullet journal so far. This set-up ...
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How do I learn Indonesian?
Because I'm studying without a teacher, I try to find as many ways possible to learn ...
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Ayana's Indonesian diary
I've postponed it a little, to do it in pen, but it had to be done, at least, if I want to learn ...
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Useful resources for studying Indonesian
In my search for free online Indonesian learning material I found a few things via Pinterest, Google and of course ...
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Indonesian bullet journaling, sort of..
Learning Indonesian. Yes, I've been wanting that for years because that's where my roots are ...
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A few pages from my previous bullet journal(s)
How it all started. In April 2018 I started bullet journaling, which was pretty surprising, at least ...
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Favorite Netflix Series
Peaky Blinders. I recently discovered this show and I'm currently awaiting new seasons, I'm sold ...
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